German Pellets – Energy that grows back

German Pellets GmbH feeds the German and European heating market with climate friendly and inexpensive fuel. In 2005 we started with our first pellet processing plant in Wismar. Today, with 14 own locations and 4 partner plants, German Pellets has positioned itself as the market leader in Germany and Europe. With a production capacity of round 3 M tons per year, we are the largest wood pellet producer and dealer worldwide

With our partner traders we supply private clients throughout Europe with wood pellets. Medium industrial customers and large power plants are serviced without intermediaries. With this philosophy, we have achieved an outstanding position in the market place and one which we are steadily expanding further.

In four biomass heating plants at sites Torgau, Oranienbaum, Loebau and Heidegrund we produce electricity from biomass. The "Green Power" is fed in to the power grid, recompensed according to the Renewable energy Law (EEG) regulations. Additionally, we see market potential in the operation of smaller biomass plants servicing public facilities such as schools.

Further revenues are generated through the trading of CO2 allowances that are allocated to us annually.

Our sales were over 590 mil. Euro in 2014.

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