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Investing in wood pellets - renewable and profitable

Whoever wants to use heating which is economical and friendly to the environment will not overlook the future potential of wood pellets. You can profit from the future renewable energy market by investing in wood pellets, too.

German Pellets GmbH
With a yearly production capacity of round 3 million tonnes, German Pellets is the world's largest pellet producer and distributor, producing pellets and animal bedding in 14 locations across Germany, Austria and the USA.

Heating is our business
More than half of Germany's total energy consumption is dedicated to domestic heating and process heat, of which 90% is still powered by fossil fuels. With fuel prices increasing, the business and political desire for change in energy consumption and climate protection offer wood pellets an unmissable market opportunity. Together with this, millions of out-dated heating systems must be replaced in the next few years.

Our objectives
German Pellets is using funds raised from the capital markets to expand more in the renewable energy market and, in doing so, bolstering its market position in Europe and worldwide. We are investing considerably in the installation of an international storage and logistics system, thereby streamlining and increasing the efficiency of our existing plants as well as in the expansion of our distribution network.

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