How Power Plus works

During the filling of the storage tank, there often tends to be a build-up of dust. This is due to the fact that the wood pellets suffer abrasion because of the outer layer being damaged during filling, and therefore causing dust.

In the close up (fig. 1), we can clearly see the damaged and flaky outer layer of the pellet. This causes the dust to hinder the feeder and can have a damaging effect on the heating system operation, leading to lower heating efficiency.

Power Plus acts to solve this problem. By spraying the pellets with a special mix of rich plant oil, the outer layer is sealed and protected (fig. 2). Thereby the pellet flowing properties are improved, which leads to 95% less dust produced during the filling process.

It all happens in the Power Plus feeder

While filling the storage tank, the pellets are sprayed with oil, leaving it with a fine, almost invisible protective layer. This process happens directly at the delivery lorry through an oil nozzle. This is built into the specially designed Power Plus feeder, which is attached onto the outlet. The pellets thus, flowing through the Power Plus feeder, are sprayed with an even covering.