Pellet storage

Storing pellets is possible in any type of House with the following:

  • a sealed and converted cellar for pellet storage
  • a silo in the cellar or outside the house
  • an underground pellet tank, e.g in the garden



Storing pellets correctly and safely

The following points should be heeded for storing pellets:

  • Pellets must be kept dry.
  • Pellet storage must be well ventilated -
       allow for ventilation space in design.
  • Smoking and other naked flames in the vicinity are strictly forbidden.
  • Keep entrance to pellet storage sealed.
  • Entry is forbidden to unauthorised persons and children.
  • One must be in the storage room for cleaning and
       maintenance purposes only.
  • Allow 15 minutes ventilation before entering.
  • Heating system must be switched off at least an hour before re-filling.
  • Once entered, there is a risk of injury from moving parts.
  • Refilling must be done in accordance to the regulations.

Calculating the right amount of storage

As a principle, for the average detached House with 150m2 of living space, a storage tank measuring 5m2 by 6m2 is needed. This allows for 4 tons of pellets, which the consumption of the average family house.


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