It's all about efficiency

A pellet oven uses wood as fuel much more efficiently than a log-burning stove. While 1kg of pellets can produce 5 kwh of heat, only 3.5 kwh can be produced from 1kg of firewood.

The pellet stove - easy to use and friendly to the environment

A pellet stove stands out clearly against the traditional log burner thanks to its easy-to-use design and an efficiency upto two times higher, saving money and the environment. This doesn't mean that the customer goes without the romantic fireplace - the pellet stove has a window, so that the glowing flames can be enjoyed by all.

Pellet stoves offer warmth at the touch of a button - no wood-chopping, no annoying matches, and a comparably low ash by-product all convince more and more people to switch from logs to pellets. Today there are pellet stoves and water-heating systems which come in all shapes and sizes, fitting any area. Built in to the stove is the pellet storage tank, from where the pellets are fed automatically into the burning chambers. There, they are electronically ignited; today in fact there are already stoves which can be turned on remotely from a phone.

Pellet central heating system: more efficiency

Pellet stoves can also power the central heating system, meaning that a single pellet stove can provide heating and warm water for the whole house. Central heating systems are often able to be combined with solar panels, which take over the central heating during the summer. There are also public subsidies available for installing central heating systems in older houses.