Pellet heating

A pellet heating system is in no way inferior to modern gas and oil heating systems. Pellets are delivered by lorry and deposited in a storage tank. From this tank the pellet heating systems are automatically loaded. Once charged into the heating unit, the wood pellets are electronically ignited in the heating chamber, with the burning process being automatically controlled.

The only two things you need to do are to order your pellets once a year and empty out now and again the ash box in the heating unit; the ash by-product produced is extremely low, at about 1% of the pellets used.

Cross-section of a Pellet Heating System

1 Ceramlic-lined pellet burning chamber
2 Stainless-steel grate
3 Thermosensor
4 Door
5 Water heat exchange
6 Pellet storage tank
7 Motorised inclined screw
8 Feeder (with burn back protection)
9 Chute into burning chamber
10 Ceramic protected Ignition system
11 Variable speed induced draft fan
12 Motherboard (microprocessor)
13 Ash box
14 Insulation casing
15 Controlling device (LCD control panel)
Source: AS Solar